So how can you invest in short duration?

Investment grade


For investors looking to take the first step on the credit ladder. These strategies offer a yield enhancement to a cash alternative, while at the same time aiming to minimise overall volatility.

AXA World Funds US Credit Short Duration IG

Access a steady income potential from diversified sectors across the improving US economy
Lower portfolio volatility and interest rate sensitivity relative to the all-maturities market
Benefit from an active approach aiming to mitigate the risk of capital losses

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AXA World Funds Euro Credit Short Duration

Access potential incremental returns in a challenging low yield environment
Benefit from less volatility compared with the all-maturities market
Diversify your sources of yield with investments across sectors, seniority and geographic regions

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Emerging and Asia

For investors looking to participate in diversifying asset classes through volatility mitigation and a high carry strategy, with the added feature of tactical local currency allocation.

AXA World Funds Emerging Markets Short Duration Bonds

Access the higher returns potential of emerging markets while aiming to minimise volatility
Diversify your sources of yield with a mix of bonds across 40 countries
Benefit from experienced emerging market investors in the search for yield

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AXA World Funds Asian Short Duration Bonds

Access the fast-growing and diverse Asian credit markets
Take Advantage of the lower volatility of shorter maturity bonds than the all-maturities market
Benefit from a local team seeking attractive opportunities throughout market cycles

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High yield

For investors seeking the opportunity to capture an attractive income and carry from the high yield asset class, while mitigating volatility.

AXA World Funds US Short Duration High Yield Bonds

Seek Returns from a diversified pool of high yield companies with improving credit characteristics
Minimise portfolio volatility compared to the all-maturities high yield market
Access the expertise of a team which has managed high yield through multiple market cycles

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For investors looking to mitigate the impact of both inflation and volatility on their portfolio, while participating in a diversifying asset class.

AXA World Funds Global Inflation Short Duration Bonds

Benefit from the potential of higher global inflation while lowering volatility relative to the all-maturities market
Diversify your portfolio with access to global opportunities
Take advantage of our scale in the global inflation-linked market

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For investors looking for a global approach to help mitigate volatility, and, with the yield hunt still ongoing, this strategy could provide some relief through unique regional opportunities and diversification.

AXA Global Short Duration Bond Fund

Benefit from global diversification and dynamic asset allocation
Aim to reduce drawdowns during market downturns
Focus on portfolio liquidity to lower transaction costs

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