CPD: Bulls, Bears and Investments

CPD: Bulls, Bears and Investments podcast series.

We understand that it’s not always easy to find time out of your busy schedules to go to conferences, or watch videos at your desks or even while you are commuting to and from work.

We have therefore launched this podcast series for current topics that you may find useful, quoting some of our most experienced investment experts and fund managers.

How can you listen to these podcasts, right here, right now?

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Podcast 1 - The dangers of having ‘too much’ debt in the economy - Introduction 

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the crash of global banking giant Lehman Brothers, what are the lessons we can learn from the past? Presenters Hardeep and Nick discuss if global debt hitting a trillion dollar high this year is sign that things are only getting worse; while AXA Investment Managers’ Chris Iggo looks at the future of fixed income and why he imagines another debt crisis is not too far away.

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