Investment Team Monthly Update

In a world where financial markets are continually evolving, we believe it is important for investors to have access to information that can help with their decision-making process in a timely manner.

Each month, you can read the latest ‘Monthly Perspectives’ documents from our investment teams around the macroeconomic outlook, portfolio positioning, performance, and their outlook.

Monthly strategy updates

Fixed Income


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FinTech Strategy: We expect positive FinTech newsflow to continue in the second half of the year

Global equity markets pulled back moderately in September after several months of solid performance.

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Longevity Economy strategy: Strategy outperformed reference benchmark as global equities suffered a modest decline

Many European countries experienced resurgent numbers of COVID-19 infections in September leading governments to re-impose some social distancing measures.

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Global Thematics strategy: We used the weakness seen in markets at the earlier in the month to selectively increase positions

Global equity markets were weaker September, due to growing concerns of a resurgence in the incidence of COVID across key markets, the gradual reduction in fiscal stimulus and uncertainty associated ...

3 minute read

Global Technology strategy: Investments in areas of technology innovation will continue to see further adoption as we approach 2021

During September, the MSCI World index was effectively flat gaining 0.04%. The technology sector underperformed with the MSCI World Information Technology index, down 1.1% .

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Clean Economy strategy New energy vehicle penetration of new car sales year to date continues to rise rapidly

Global equity markets were weaker in September, as concerns mount over the rising incidence of COVID, the reduction in fiscal stimulus and uncertainty around the upcoming US election.

UK Mid Cap strategy : UK labour flexibility will help any economic adjustment that needs to be made

Concerns around the increase in COVID infections across several countries, the gradual withdrawal of fiscal support from governments, and political uncertainty associated with the US election and Bre ...

3 minute read

UK Multi-Cap strategy : The government fiscal and monetary response will be a long-term determinant of the shape of the economic recovery

Concerns continue to grow as the end of the government’s furlough scheme approaches, and is replaced with a smaller Job Support Scheme, aimed at preserving employment in viable businesses rather than ...

3 minute read

Digital Economy strategy: Following a strong recovery, markets had a pause for breath, but underlying trends are intact

Asia, where the pandemic seems to be under control, performed better than Europe and North America. In the US, concerns around the outcome of the presidential election, a lack of additional fiscal st ...

3 minute read

Robotech strategy: Improving global industrial robotics outlooks with demand supported by Electric Vehicles and Battery manufacturers

Global equity markets were weaker in September with COVID cases in Europe starting to rise and the uncertainty environment created by the upcoming US election.