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COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

Six AXA IM ESG experts assess whether the Covid-19 crisis will help accelerate the energy transition and outline what they think the investment implications will be.

Tomorrow Augmented

Data & Enablers: Behind the scenes of big brands’ digital transformations

With many new businesses adopting a digital-first strategy, big brands are increasingly digitalising their business models to keep pace with changing technologies and consumer demand

The Evolving Economy

Thematic equities in focus: quarterly update Q3 2020

Equities globally have enjoyed a solid third quarter, recovering nicely after a turbulent first half of 2020.

Industrialised agriculture: How the reliance on soybean harms biodiversity

The Leaders’ Pledge for Nature sets an ambitious target for protecting biodiversity - we look to the humble soybean as an example of what needs to change, and why.


Everybody hurts

The pandemic second wave is nasty enough for the trend towards more stringent restrictive measures to continue. Data already suggests the deterioration in confidence goes beyond the most exposed sect ...

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Go for growth

The economy always plays a role in how people vote. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the economy had performed well under Trump.

Research & Investment Strategy

Individual government challenges and the Covid-19 debt surge

Considering the rise in government debt in key developed markets

Research & Investment Strategy

October Global Macro Monthly & Investment Strategy - Into the bleak, debt winter

Research & Investment Strategy

Monthly Op-Ed - Addicted to policies

The real economy is softening faster than we expected.