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Research & Investment Strategy

31 October 2019

Dude, where’s my yield?

Dividend investing in Eurozone equity markets

Research & Investment Strategy

23 October 2019

October Investment Strategy - Re-balance sheet policy

With some progress on the trade war and Brexit, some tail risks are receding. But we are far from resolution.

Research & Investment Strategy

10 October 2019

US repo rate surge

Tensions in short-term funding markets in September suggest a fundamental scarcity of reserves.

Research & Investment Strategy

08 October 2019

Five reasons to consider China as a standalone asset allocation

The accelerating integration of China into the world’s financial market will have a profound impact on how global investors allocate capital.

Research & Investment Strategy

20 September 2019

Global effects of China’s balance of payments shift

A by-region assessment of the implications of China’s structural shift

Research & Investment Strategy

18 September 2019

Central and Eastern Europe defying gravity?

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) economies have proved resilient so far. They remain nevertheless sensitive to the slowdown in world trade, given their high degree of openness.

Research & Investment Strategy

17 September 2019

Bank of Japan wary of deeper negative interest rates

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) will hold its monetary policy meeting on 19 September. Amid rising expectations for rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, we do not expect the BoJ to ...

Research & Investment Strategy

10 September 2019

China: source of tectonic shifts in global finance

China’s integration into the world will reshape the global financial system much like its economic integration did to the global economy.

Research & Investment Strategy

05 September 2019

UK reaction: UK government loses control of Brexit

Last night saw a series of votes that appeared to sketch out the shape of the next phase of the Brexit process. On Tuesday night, Parliament voted by a majority of 27 to seize control of the Parliame ...