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12 March 2020

Chancellor addresses Covid threat, amidst broader Budget giveaway

David Page, Head of Macro Research at AXA Investment Managers, comments on the 2020 UK Budget

Macro insights

06 March 2020

COVID-19 : Understanding the impact on investments

Given the impact the coronavirus has had on markets so far, the short-term outlook remains very uncertain, particularly around when the virus infection rate will peak.

Research & Investment Strategy

10 February 2020

Coronavirus – tracking the path, anticipating the impact

Just over a month since the new coronavirus – known as 2019-nCoV – was officially recognised there is only so much we can say about its likely impact. However, we can examine some plaus ...

Macro insights

22 January 2020

New year: New threats or new opportunities for UK equity income?

As we enter a new decade, it is useful to remember how good the returns were from investing in UK equities in the 2010s than the previous one.

Macro insights

23 December 2019

The birth of Star Wars

This Christmas, thousands of children across the world would likely have unwrapped Star Wars toys – but only adults are able to remember when the first Star Wars film arrived on our cinema scr ...

Macro insights

17 December 2019

Why a Conservative victory is good news for UK equities

The UK reached a critical juncture on Thursday 12 December. It’s fair to say that the result of the general election has provided some much-needed impetus for UK businesses and consumers alike.

Macro insights

11 December 2019

Why we believe it’s time to buy British

For most British companies, the great Brexit saga has undoubtedly pushed the pause button on every kind of business plan. During the three years of political negotiating that the country has experien ...

Research & Investment Strategy

03 December 2019

UK General Election Update: Uncertainty likely to continue to disincentivise investment in 2020

UK General Election enters its final phase with a Conservative majority on the cards, but with no immediate comfort for business

Macro insights

02 December 2019

Creative destruction – does it risk capital misallocation?

Remember Blockbuster Video? Back in the 1990s and early noughties, the movie rental business was a big success, having become people’s go-to stop for a cosy night in.