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Fixed income

09 March 2020

Cashflow and liability driven investing – why you need to separate the two

Effectively managing cashflow and liquidity challenges is becoming increasingly vital for many institutional investors, something which has led to the rising popularity of cashflow driven investing ( ...

Fixed income

04 March 2020

Coronavirus Impact on the US High Yield Market

Investors have become increasingly concerned about the longevity of the Coronavirus, and the negative impact it is having on the global economic environment.

Fixed income

25 February 2020

Opportunities Beyond the Domestic Market

There are reasons to remain relatively optimistic about the economy and markets for the months ahead, assuming the impact from coronavirus will be contained.

Fixed income

20 February 2020

Why Short Duration strategies are a good option in this market environment

Last year was a strong one for fixed income total returns, despite the persisting low yield environment pushing some investors to question whether there is still any value in the asset class.

Fixed income

05 February 2020

Why high-yield bonds are an alternative to equity investments

As investors, we are often liable for thinking in specific asset class buckets rather than taking a broader view of the investment universe. Yet, taking that cross-asset class view can allow for some ...

Fixed income

20 January 2020

How to de-risk your fixed income allocation whilst aiming to maintain an attractive yield ?

Nicolas Trindade, Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, explains why a global short duration strategy appears so appealing right now given geopolitical risks amid global slowdown.

Fixed income

06 January 2020

A look at fixed income in 2019 and what the future could hold

Nick Hayes, Portfolio Manager, discusses the outlook for fixed income as well as the asset classes that fall within it.

Fixed income

23 July 2019

Is it time to buy inflation breakevens?

The bond market has been on fire since the beginning of 2019. Interest rates are lower, and spreads are tighter thanks to the radical turnaround from all major central banks (from policy normalisatio ...

Fixed income

12 July 2019

Q2 2019: Lower rates, slower growth

With trade tensions being the largest threat to the macro outlook, investors are looking to central banks to provide support. So far, central banks have indicated their willingness to provide easier ...