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Welcome to AXA Investment Managers’ Insights Hub page

This page is designed to provide you with the latest insights, updates and market views from our Fixed Income and Equity Fund Managers and investment specialists.


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Long-term investing in bonds

With low interest rate trends and continued central bank QE programmes, forward-looking, fundamental approaches to credit investing, that can take advantage of multiple themes while managing risk effectively and lowering transaction costs, are indispensable in corporate bond portfolios. 

Read the full article here - August 2017


Global tech: standing out from the cloud

The global technology sector is in a multi-year investment cycle. New innovations  such as cloud computing, driver assist, autonomous vehicles, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cyber security to name a few, have spurred on significant change for businesses and individuals.

Read the full article here - June 2017.


30 years of healthcare

The AXA Framlington Health Fund reached its 30-year anniversary in April. In this article we look at why we believe the healthcare sector remailed especially well-placed to capture further gains over the next 30 years.

Read the full article here - June 2017


St. John says...

With world-leading governance, dependable contract law and permanently accessible management teams, the UK equity market remains as an attractive source for growth. Chris St. John discusses why he believes this is the case and how mid-cap companies are well-positioned to deliver strong returns over the long run.

Read the full article here - June 2017


The increasing attractiveness of ‘buy and maintain’ credit strategies

In a world in which it is increasingly difficult to implement changes to active positioning and where the costs of doing so often offset any potential upside from trading, holding a bond to maturity takes on a different aspect. Lionel Pernias illustrates why he believes long-term investors are uniquely placed to profit from reduced market liquidity and how a ‘buy and maintain’ strategy can be an effective way for them to gain exposure to the income generated from a broad, representative universe of investment grade bonds, in a less volatile, low-cost way.

Read the full article here - April 2017


Overweight India: A compelling growth story

India stands out in terms of its underdevelopment. The potential scale of the economy is enormous, as are many of the addressable markets that several good companies cater for. Modi’s reforms attack the deficiencies that hold India back and hence will help to unleash the country’s long term growth opportunity.  We believe that the market reaction has been overly critical.

Read more here - April 2017


Trump and Brexit switch on market spin cycle

‘In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.’ – Benjamin Graham. Nigel Thomas talks about  how the medium term markets are like a washing machine on full spin cycle and time is what is needed to see what really comes out in the wash.

Read the full article - February 2017


20 years of bond markets

Over the last 20 years we have seen a rapid expansion and globalisation of bond markets – there are now a myriad of different assets on offer to investors and this expansion has occurred across the whole market, from government bonds to high yield debt. Find out how the QE process has been used as a major tool over the decades.

Read the full article here - January 2017


Bond markets since the financial crisis

In this article, Chris Iggo, CIO Fixed Income at AXA Investment Managers looks at the bond markets since the financial crisis.

Read the full article - January 2017


How a short duration strategy can reduce transaction costs

The new lower liquidity environment has had a significant impact on markets and in turn an increased focus on transaction costs: markets with lower levels of liquidity tend to have higher liquidity risk premia, while investors also tend to face higher transaction costs...

Read full article - January 2017


US elections: a post-primary primer – part 2

The economic and financial market impact

We look at the economic and financial ramifications. With polls so close, we consider four different scenarios which we think should mark out the perimeter of the possible universe of outcomes after November. These include Clinton enacting her proposals and Trump enacting his. We also consider Congress blocking both candidates proposals and a special case where Trump and House Republicans come together and back House Republican proposals.

Read the full article - August 2016


US elections: a post-primary primer - part 1

The candidates, the polls and the policies

US Presidential Elections will be held on 8 November. After the conclusion of the Democrat convention last week, Democrat Hillary Clinton will face Republican candidate Donald Trump (and independents including the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson and Green Party’s Jill Stein). Polling has been mixed with Clinton’s consistent national poll recently questioned, with key state polling mixed. The Election draws several issues in US politics to a head.

Read the full article - August 2016


What is the most efficient method of implementing short duration?

Over the past few years, and more than ever this year, markets have been rapidly switching between risk-on and risk-off, bull and bear markets. With volatility generally expected to remain heightened, investors could consider different ways to prepare their portfolios for shifting markets. A strategic allocation to the AXA Sterling Credit Short Duration Bond Fund could be a potential option for investors, as this strategy displays markedly lower volatility than the all maturities sterling credit market, and aims to provide consistent, incremental returns in excess of cash.

Read the full article - January 2017


Bond markets in different market cycles

The effects of different market cycles on equity markets are well known – stocks rise when the economy performs well and fall when the economy is weak. However, the impact on bond markets is not as obvious....

Read the full article - July 2016


Short duration: Preparing for volatility

2016 began as we expected it to go on, with consistently higher market volatility on the back of heightened global recession fears, worries over central banks’ declining ability to prop-up growth and volatile commodity prices....

Read the full article - January 2017


Who could benefit from short duration?

The concept of duration is very important for fixed income investors as it essentially measures how sensitive a bond’s price is to interest rate movements....

Read the full article - January 2017


Going global with short duration

Nicolas Trindade

Nicolas Trindade, Senior Portfolio Manager of the AXA Global Short Duration Bond Fund, discusses the reason for launching the fund, the key characteristics in the portfolio, performance drivers, the global investment process, construction of the portfolio and his outlook for medium and the long term.

Published July 2017


Changing Corporate Architecture - Case Study

The emergence of online and digital formats has meant that trade counters, office space and physical shops are no longer the only way to sell your wares. If we look at some of the most dynamic companies today, they are anything but traditional...

Read the full article - May 2016


Growth stocks: Case study

Previously, we have addressed the characteristics that we look for when investing in growth stocks. In our view, well-capitalised companies that can grow profits, cash flows and dividends offer the best potential for equity investors....

Read the full article - April 2016


The search for growth stocks

We have previously examined the power of compounding growth and how the concept can be observed in dynamic growth companies within equity markets. In this article we outline some of the key characteristics that help us identify companies that are likely to deliver positive earnings growth over the long term.

Read the full article - April 2016


The power of equity holders vs. debt holders

Previously, we have addressed the characteristics that we look for when investing in growthstocks. In our view, well-capitalised companies that can grow profits, cash flows and dividends offer the best potential for equity investors...

Read the full article - March 2016


The benefits of compounding growth

The power of compounding is a well-established concept, however its potential is often underestimated. The ability of an asset to generate consistent growing earnings by reinvesting operating cash flows is a fairly easy logic to follow, but the cumulative effect of building on these incremental gains can often be overlooked...

Read the full article - March 2016


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