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Fixed income

25 February 2020

Opportunities Beyond the Domestic Market

There are reasons to remain relatively optimistic about the economy and markets for the months ahead, assuming the impact from coronavirus will be contained.


24 February 2020

Plan B, C, D...,Z

We started our Macrocast last week with the news that the Chinese authorities had changed the way new covid-19 cases are counted in Hubei, and we would need to start with the same point today, with a ...

Fixed income

20 February 2020

Why Short Duration strategies are a good option in this market environment

Last year was a strong one for fixed income total returns, despite the persisting low yield environment pushing some investors to question whether there is still any value in the asset class.

Research & Investment Strategy

19 February 2020

Tomorrow Augmented: What is the 2019 Word of the Year?

Last year we revealed our inaugural Word of the Year by using our proprietary natural language processing (NLP) framework


17 February 2020

Perceptions matter

Last week Beijing moved from counting only those for whom the test detected the genetic signature of the virus to those whose clinical signs are consistent with Covid-19 infection.

Iggo's insight

14 February 2020

Love and life

The natural world is something that we can’t always control. Extreme weather and epidemics are now real threats to the functioning of society and economies. Up front is the coronavirus and its impact ...

Research & Investment Strategy

13 February 2020

Coronavirus – impact on Asia

The potential spillovers of China’s coronavirus on Asia’s tourism, trade, domestic consumption and financial markets

Research & Investment Strategy

10 February 2020

Coronavirus – tracking the path, anticipating the impact

Just over a month since the new coronavirus – known as 2019-nCoV – was officially recognised there is only so much we can say about its likely impact. However, we can examine some plaus ...


10 February 2020

Macrocast - The price of investment

The Iowa primaries did not provide much clarity on how the US presidential race is shaping up. Donald Trump has had a good start to 2020, and we note that the White House has been quite conciliatory ...