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Fixed income

How unconstrained fixed income can help to smooth your journey

The fixed income universe comprises a variety of sub-asset classes offering a broad spectrum of potential risk and return outcomes. An active, unconstrained approach has the potential to use this div ...


China’s net zero

We focus this week on China’s decision to become carbon neutral by 2060.

The Evolving Economy

5G: What you need to know about innovation in mobile technology

Jeremy Gleeson, Portfolio Manager of the AXA Framlington Global Technology Fund, discusses how companies are adapting to innovation in mobile technology.

Iggo's insight

Second lock

The increased number of positive COVID-19 cases across Europe has led to some restrictions on social mobility being re-imposed.

Fixed income
5 minute read

Sterling Credit Short Duration strategy: The rally stalls

UK gilt yields fell in September as coronavirus case numbers continued to rise, threatening the global economic recovery.

Fixed income
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Global Short Duration strategy: The rally stalls

At its September policy meeting, the US Federal Reserve projected that its ultra-low interest rate policy would likely remain in place until the end of 2023.

Tomorrow Augmented

COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

Global lockdowns have had a positive impact on the environment. But will the crisis help accelerate the transition towards renewable energy, and what might the investment implications be?

Responsible investment

What risks does increased focus on ESG pose to fossil fuel and tobacco stocks?

Fossil fuels is the biggest contributor to the greenhouse gas emission and therefore to the rise in the global temperatures.


Policy hurdles, political dilemmas

After some U-turns from the US President and although discussions are continuing, no deal has been found on a new fiscal stimulus package.