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Global Technology strategy - Positive contribution from digital specialists enhancing the work-from-home environment

During May, global equity markets continued to recover with the MSCI World index climbing 7.0% , whilst the technology sector outperformed with the MSCI World Information Technology Index gaining 10. ...

The Evolving Economy

Robotech strategy - A number of areas of the strategy have seen elevated demand during this period

During May, the Robotech strategy performed strongly, continuing its rebound from the broad sell-off seen across equity markets in March.

The Evolving Economy

Global Thematics strategy - Products and services from Connected Consumer and Automation themes appear to have expanded

Global equity markets continued to rebound during May and, whilst volatility remains elevated, it is well below its peak in March.

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Back for good?

The ECB and the German government added to policy support in Europe this week. This further fuelled the cyclical risk-on behaviour of markets. Returns are positively skewed, and dispersion has fallen ...

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FinTech Strategy - The growth gap with financially and digitally weaker players will increase significantly

Global equity markets performed strongly in May, with the MSCI World ACWI up 5.1% and the S&P500 up 4.9% as economies in Europe and the US gradually started to ease their way out of the Covid19-i ...

The Evolving Economy

Digital Economy strategy - Strength in software, ecommerce and services to accelerate digital transformations

Global equity markets continued to rise in May, with the MSCI All Country World index gaining 4.4%.

The Evolving Economy

Clean Economy strategy - Responsible Nutrition stocks are supporting the drive toward food security and safety

Global equity markets continued their strong performance through May.

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How can fixed income investors navigate ongoing volatility due to COVID-19?

Nick Hayes says it comes down to active management, security selection and diversification of risks.

Research & Investment Strategy

COVID-19 update: US policy response

The effectiveness and impact of the US policy response.