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Investment outlook 2021 - A brighter future is possible

Policy support and hope for a vaccine enabled a defensive bull market to develop post-March 2020


Macro outlook – Looking beyond the winter

The good news of the vaccines insures us against indefinite “lockdown/reopening” cycles, but we do not expect a proper rebound for the world economy before the second half of 2021.

The Evolving Economy

Cyber Monday: 4 reasons online sales are surging

Market thinking

What investors should expect in 2021: The key areas shaping markets

Most of us are understandably looking forward to seeing 2020 in the rear-view mirror.


Fiscal Forward Guidance

The current EU fiscal surveillance framework is probably ill-suited to guide governments through their “exit strategy” from the ongoing extraordinary policy stimulus.

Iggo's insight

See the light

Stock markets reached record highs before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Market thinking

Where can investors potentially seek income in today’s low yielding environment?

The coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainty no matter what your investment objective.

The Evolving Economy
5 minute read

Digital Economy Anniversary Special: The online consumer trends shaping our future

years since the launch of AXA WF Framlington Digital Economy .1 In an interview to mark the occasion, Jeremy reflects on his experience over the past three years, the recent acceleration of underlyin ...

The Evolving Economy
3 minute read

AXA WF Framlington Digital Economy Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary

Saturday 24th October marked the three-year anniversary of the AXA WF Framlington Digital Economy fund. Since its launch, this has been managed by Jeremy Gleeson, who possesses over 20 years’ experie ...