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Risk, return, repeat

Fiscal dominance is a reality and markets are reacting to that. It doesn’t necessarily mean inflation, it doesn’t necessarily mean crowding out private borrowers.

Research & Investment Strategy

February Global Macro Monthly & Investment Strategy - Vaccine and stimulus: too much of a good thing?

The virus is fading from a year-end resurgence in most areas of the globe.

Research & Investment Strategy

Monthly Op-Ed - Dealing with overheating concerns (already)

The Biden plan could close the US output gap by the end of 2021.

Fixed income

Liquidity in a crisis: Comparing the credit market response in 2020 and 2008

The fast and adaptive market response that greeted the coronavirus shock last year showed how much the financial system has improved since the credit market liquidity issues of the global financial c ...

The Evolving Economy
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AXA Framlington Global Thematics: Reasons for optimism in 2021

The AXA Framlington Global Thematics Fund delivered a strong absolute return of +27.7% in 2020, following solid performance in 2019, where the strategy delivered a total return of +29.1% (net of fees ...

The Evolving Economy
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Robotics in food production & processing

Food is a relatively new market for robotics but is increasingly part of a trend of traditional industries seeking new innovations through automation, to reduce certain inefficiencies caused by human ...

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Where to buy your risk

We all know people have different approaches to risk. Some of us like to take physical risks in search of an adrenaline high, while others take investment risks chasing hot stocks.

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Coronavirus and emerging markets: A three-tier challenge

The path of economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic will depend on a number of factors but the primary focus right now is the vaccination of the global population.


And now to the ECB (again)

Real long-term interest rates rose in the Euro area last week, following the US reaction to the Biden plan.