All information contained within this section relates to trending fraud attempts which have subsequently been reported to AXA IM during recent times.
Please be advised that these companies are not affiliated with the AXA Group in any way.

IPO scams

Individuals claiming to be from AXA IM offering members of the public the opportunity to take part in Initial Public Offerings (IPO). These emails are sent from false email accounts such as, and claim to be from senior executives of AXA IM and AXA group.

TradeCapital scams

Individuals claiming to be employees of TradeCapital Invest Finance Limited ( are advising members of the public that they have merged with AXA Investment Managers UK Ltd.

Neither AXA IM UK Limited nor any other part of the AXA Group has entered into a relationship with TradeCapital Invest Finance Limited or Trade Capital Group. Please note that anyone contacting you from the above companies advising they have merged with AXA IM UK Ltd or AXA Group will not be a genuine communication.

Our premises at 7 Newgate Street, London, EC1A 7NX is the registered address of AXA Investment Managers UK Limited only.