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AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies Fund

ISIN GB0030310857

Last NAV 2.3530 GBP as of 08/04/20

Why this fund

Looking for long-term growth in the dynamic UK small cap market.

Investors can easily overlook the advantages of smaller companies. In the diverse UK market, smaller companies are often dynamic and fast-growing, with highly motivated management. They tend to be young businesses with exciting opportunities ahead of them, that benefit from being more focused, agile and enterprising than their bigger peers.

The AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies Fund offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the performance of high quality UK growth companies, while exploiting market inefficiencies that can exist in this under-researched corner of the market. 

Reasons to invest:

  1. Access to long-term growth . Smaller companies can offer excellent potential for superior long-term capital returns. We aim to identify and invest in the large and mid-caps of tomorrow, by looking at both a company’s current ability, and the scale of future opportunities. Our valuation discipline also helps ensure we do not overpay for growth.
  2. Specialist knowledge in an under-researched market. Our experienced investment team conducts approximately 400 company meetings a year, taking the time to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of a business and its operating environment. In the under-researched small cap market, we believe this work can add significant value.
  3. Genuine UK small cap exposure – The Fund’s size, at under £300m*, and unconstrained approach in relation to its benchmark, gives us the flexibility to invest wherever we identify the best small cap opportunities. Our focus is companies listed on the FTSE Small Cap ex IT Index (our comparative benchmark) and AIM. While we firmly believe in running our winners, new holdings will not be taken in FTSE 250 stocks.

Key figures

  • 75-95 stocks

    Aims to hold between 75 – 95 stocks

  • 3%

    3% of total portfolio for individual holdings

  • 1 500

    1 500 companies in the UK Small Cap universe

Fund facts:

  • Launch date: 27/04/2001
  • Sector: UK Smaller Companies
  • Lead Portfolio Manager: Dan Harlow
  • Pay Dates: 30 June & 31 Dec


Investment objectives

The aim of this Fund is to provide long-term capital growth.


Synthetic Risk & Reward Information scale

1 2 3 4 SRRI Value 5 6 7

The risk category is calculated using historical performance data and may not be a reliable indicator of the Fund's future risk profile. The risk category shown is not guaranteed and may shift over time The lowest category does not mean risk free.

Why is this Fund in this category?

The capital of the Fund is not guaranteed. The Fund is invested in financial markets and uses techniques and instruments which are subject to some levels of variation, which may result in gains or losses.

Additional risks

Liquidity Risk: some investments may trade infrequently and in small volumes. As a result the Fund manager may not be able to sell at a preferred time or volume or at a price close to the last quoted valuation. The Fund manager may be forced to sell a number of such investments as a result of a large redemption of units in the Fund. Depending on market conditions, this could lead to a significant drop in the Fund's value and in extreme circumstances lead the Fund to be unable to meet its redemptions. Further explanation of the risks associated with an investment in this Fund can be found in the prospectus.

Investment horizon

This Fund may not be suitable for investors who plan to withdraw their contribution within five years.

Main documents

KIID 12/03/2020


Any performance shown is net of the ongoing charge for the share class selected with income reinvested . Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than invested. The fund can use derivatives for investment purposes.  These instruments may cause periods of high volatility in the price of the shares of the fund.


Reference index Start date End date
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Performance table

End date

Performance table Net performance Reference index Start date End date
- - - - -
1M - - - -
QTD - - - -
3M - - - -
6M - - - -
YTD - - - -
1Y - - - -
2Y - - - -
3Y - - - -
4Y - - - -
5Y - - - -
8Y - - - -
10Y - - - -
Since launch - - - -
Y-1 - - - -
Y-2 - - - -
Y-3 - - - -
Y-4 - - - -
Y-5 - - - -

Risk table

End date

Risk table Fund volatility Benchmark volatility Tracking error Information ratio Sharpe ratio Beta Alpha
1M - - - - - - -
QTD - - - - - - -
3M - - - - - - -
6M - - - - - - -
YTD - - - - - - -
1Y - - - - - - -
3Y - - - - - - -
5Y - - - - - - -
8Y - - - - - - -
10Y - - - - - - -
Since launch - - - - - - -

Price table

Start date

End date

Price Date Portfolio AUM
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First NAV date 09/04/01


Distribution country

Distribution countries
United Kingdom


Ongoing Charges 1.02%

Fund facts

Currency GBP
Start date 06/04/01
RI fund False

Portfolio management

Fund Manager Dan HARLOW
Co-manager Christopher ST. JOHN
Investment team MT Framlington Global Equity


Investment area UK
Legal form Unit Trust

Subscription and redemption

Your orders to buy, sell or transfer units in the Fund must be received by the Administrator by 12 noon on any working day, to receive that days Fund price. Please note that if your order is placed by an intermediary or Financial Adviser they may require extra processing time.The Net Asset Value of this Fund is calculated on a daily basis. Minimum initial investment: o1,000 Minimum subsequent investment: o100