Welcome to equity investing’s new reality

What is Apple? A technology company, a leisure and lifestyle stock, a healthcare enabler? And how should we assess Amazon’s performance – relative to a retailer, a logistics company, or even a bank?

With many companies’ business models defying traditional sector and regional classifications, we need a new way of analysing the growth drivers behind tomorrow’s long-term performance.

On 20th June, our expert panel of AXA IM and guest speakers discussed the key drivers of today’s evolving economy in the inspiring surroundings of Bloomberg’s new London headquarters.

Discover how these multi-decade themes are reshaping the investment landscape, and hear how our Framlington Equities specialists are harnessing these trends to benefit investors.

Click on the links below to see our speakers’ presentations and watch the full event videos here:

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Tom Riley

Fund Manager of AXA World Funds – Framlington Robotech


Today robots are rapidly changing multiple aspects of how we live and work. While we are still in the early stages of this disruptive trend, its long-term potential seems evident to a growing number of equity investors. Discover how automation is revolutionising the potential of equities.

Jeremy Gleeson

Fund Manager of the AXA Framlington Global Technology Fund


The global technology sector is in a multi-year investment cycle, with the world becoming quicker, more powerful and better connected. Hear about how new innovations  such as cloud computing, driver assist, autonomous vehicles, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cyber security to name a few, have spurred on significant change for equites.

Dani Saurymper & Linden Thomson

Fund Managers of the AXA Framlington Health Fund and AXA Framlington Biotech Fund


Tapping into long-term and secular trends, the biotech and healthcare sectors are increasingly set to benefit from a number of global themes which are gaining momentum. With life expectancies rising steadily, what are the investment implications of an ageing global population?

Amanda O’Toole

Fund Manager of the AXA Framlington Global Thematics Fund

Exploiting long-term themes across the evolving economy


The Evolving Economy is the result of long-term demographic trends and technological developments. Explore the multi-decade themes that we believe will shape the way companies operate in future, which will also have a radical impact on the way equity investors should invest.  

Vincent Vinatier

Fund manager of the AXA Framlington Financial Fund


Innovations in financial technology like mobile banking, digital payments and blockchain are taking us into a new era. Even at today’s relatively early stage of fintech adoption, we can see the dramatic ways in which it is influencing how we manage our money on a daily basis.

Jeremy Kahn

Senior reporter, Bloomberg News

Jeremy has covered technology since 2015 and writes frequently about artificial intelligence and quantum computing as well as cybersecurity, the regulation of tech companies in Europe and the efforts of online platforms, such as Facebook, to combat online extremism.

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Rik Ferguson

Director of Security Research & Communications at Trend Micro


Rik is a leading expert in information security and one of the leading figures in online threats and the underground economy. He addresses the challenges emerging technology and online crime poses to the average user and to high security firms. A frequent presenter at global industry events such as the Mobile World Congress, Virus Bulletin, RUSI and the e-Crime Congress, Rik is well-versed in presenting to a large audience. He is frequently interviewed by the BBC, CNN, CNBC, Channel 4, Sky News and Al-Jazeera English and is quoted by national newspapers and trade publications throughout the world.

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