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For all valuations, administrative or general enquires you can contact us by email or phone using the details below;

Call us on 0345 7775511

(9.00am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday)

Please note that In order to improve our service, telephone calls may be recorded.

Rob Bailey

Head of UK Wholesale Distribution
(Supported by Roxy Niccolls on 020 7003 1578)

07717 851 762          Email Rob

James Norden

Head of Strategic Partnerships and regional sales
07748 110 964            Email James


Robert Wilson

Head of UK Global Financial Institutions
07977 918 689            Email Robert


Simon Hopper

Client Relationship Manager, Global Financial Institutions    
07580 999 403            Email Simon


Gary Laing

East Anglia, East Midlands and Channel Islands regional sales
07977 917 865            Email Gary


Chris Lynch

South West regional sales
07977 917 115            Email Chris


Matthew Stinchcombe

Investment Sales
07580 999 487            Email Matthew


Daniel Neep

Regional Sales Manager (the North)
07970 649 201           Email Daniel


Jenni Millar

Regional Sales Manager (Scotland/Northern Ireland)
07980 898 325          Email Jenni


Steve Clark

Platform Relationships
Email Steve