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Fixed income
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Asian Credit Strategies As 2021 begins, market risks favour HY

Potential for rising rates, low overall yields, and a large spread differential with HY limits IG appeal.


Macrocast - Trading Complexity

This week we take a breather from commenting on the latest developments on the pandemic, the cycle and policy-making to focus on trade and investment relations between the US, China and the European ...

Iggo's insight


Most investors acknowledge that markets are at high valuations although there is active debate as to whether this is a sign of impending reversal. I think not.

Research & Investment Strategy

How can President Biden tackle Climate Change?

The challenges Biden will face in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Responsible investment

COVID-19: Data privacy risks and potential opportunities

The pandemic has presented an opportunity to rethink the dynamics of data privacy risks and opportunities for technology companies

UK Equities
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UK Multi-Cap strategy: The UK and European Union have finalised a trade agreement

Equity markets, particularly in the UK, rose strongly in December, buoyed both by optimism related to the imminent rollout of the Pfizer and Astrazeneca Covid vaccine and news that the UK and Europea ...

Fixed income
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AXA Global Strategic Bond Fund: Macro risks decline but lockdowns persist

Vaccine rollout begins but surge in global virus cases curtails opening of economies


Relative Speed

Accumulating signs of cyclical softness in the US may help Biden’s massive stimulus through Congress, but some compromise will be needed.

Fixed income

Global Strategic Bonds Reasons for optimism in 2021

We believe that, despite the imminent challenges faced by the global economy from the continued effects of lockdowns and weak fundamentals, there are certainly factors that allow us to look at prospe ...