Why Distribution funds?

With a history dating back to 1979, the AXA Distribution range of Funds seeks to offer cautious investors long-term investment performance, while looking to reduce portfolio volatility. While each Fund differs in terms of its own specific investment focus or remit, all are managed in accordance with the AXA Distribution investment model.

A clearly defined, consistent strategy

The aim of the entire AXA Distribution Fund range is to achieve a growing income, with some prospects for capital growth, over the medium to long term. To this end, the AXA Distribution strategy revolves around two key elements:

  1. Investing in quality, stable assets;
  2. Maintaining a diversified central asset mix that is broadly consistent over time.

Focus on reducing investment volatility over time

Investing in quality assets is fundamental to the AXA Distribution investment strategy. The logic here is simple – the higher the quality of the Fund’s assets, the greater the potential for reducing volatility and delivering long-term performance for the more cautious investor. AXA Distribution Funds invest in a mixture of quality equity and fixed income assets (and cash in some cases). This diversification of assets can help to reduce volatility by spreading risk.