Global Technology strategy - Positive contribution from digital specialists enhancing the work-from-home environment

During May, global equity markets continued to recover with the MSCI World index climbing 7.0% , whilst the technology sector outperformed with the MSCI World Information Technology Index gaining...

Robotech strategy - A number of areas of the strategy have seen elevated demand during this period

During May, the Robotech strategy performed strongly, continuing its rebound from the broad sell-off seen across equity markets in March.

Global Thematics strategy - Products and services from Connected Consumer and Automation themes appear to have expanded

Global equity markets continued to rebound during May and, whilst volatility remains elevated, it is well below its peak in March.

Iggo's Insight - Back for good?

The ECB and the German government added to policy support in Europe this week. This further fuelled the cyclical risk-on behaviour of markets. Returns are positively skewed, and dispersion has fallen.

FinTech Strategy - The growth gap with financially and digitally weaker players will increase significantly

Global equity markets performed strongly in May, with the MSCI World ACWI up 5.1% and the S&P500 up 4.9% as economies in Europe and the US gradually started to ease their way out of the...

Digital Economy strategy - Strength in software, ecommerce and services to accelerate digital transformations

Global equity markets continued to rise in May, with the MSCI All Country World index gaining 4.4%.

How can fixed income investors navigate ongoing volatility due to COVID-19?

Nick Hayes says it comes down to active management, security selection and diversification of risks.

Insight - COVID-19 update: US policy response

The effectiveness and impact of the US policy response.

The next frontier of shopping will be live-streamed

Years before Covid-19 reared its hideous head and gave the world an urgent reason to shop from home, retail influencers were livestreaming inside of boutiques, offering product closeups and even...

Why gender equality and diversity could be a corporate requirement in future

It is largely accepted that gender diversity in business equates to good corporate governance – but we believe that for investors, it is fast becoming a corporate requirement. Here’s why.

Iggo's Insight - Garland Day

Sentiment in markets has been positively impacted by signs of increased activity where lock-downs are starting to be lifted. This could continue as more restrictions are eased and consumers emerge...

Insight - Post-COVID-19, innovation in healthcare is here to stay

As the coronavirus pandemic has developed, we have been inspired by the coordinated response of healthcare providers, diagnostic testing companies and the biopharmaceutical industry.

Insight - Semiconductors: The brain enabling technology shifts

The semiconductor industry has enjoyed significant growth in the digital age - a trend expected to continue

Digital Economy insight - How COVID-19 has accelerated trends in the digital economy

Many companies at the centre of the digital economy have been well-placed to support life under lockdown



UK dividends: weathering challenges, capturing opportunities.

In direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the current outlook for dividends paid by UK-listed companies looks rather gloomy.

How impact investing feeds the engine for the sustainability era

Impact investment can stir the soul. The idea of putting your money to work with entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place is deeply appealing, but in truth this is barely half the story.

Iggo's Insight- A view from the markets - Something for every view

The future is always unpredictable but when the recent past has been so strange the outlook is even more clouded. That makes investment decision making hard and trying to assess whether markets are...

Global Short Duration strategy Strong rebound following unprecedented central bank stimulus

Despite historically weak economic data releases, credit spreads significantly tightened in April driven by the unprecedented accommodative monetary support from global central banks, a slowdown in...