Evolving investor attitudes

People are generally positive about the future, but many seem to be playing things a bit too safe.

A more confident UK?

UK investor sentiment has come a long way since the financial crisis. And, it would seem, people are generally positive about the future. But risk appetite remains core to investment behaviour and, while our survey shows many people are putting their faith in markets, even in spite of the uncertainty engendered by Brexit, the results also indicate that perhaps people are playing it too safe -especially those with time still on their side.

Confidence in the future is high, despite Brexit

Despite the political noise and economic uncertainty surrounding the UK’s imminent exit from the European Union (EU), Britons remain encouragingly upbeat about their financial future. Presently, 56% are positive about their finances, while 63% are confident that they will be in a better situation three years from now - with 24% "very confident".


Risk-aversion – do Britons need to be braver?

Risk appetite among consumers appears to be driven by two main factors, wealth and sentiment but across the board as Britons approach middle age, their appetite for risk wanes dramatically - and not just in terms of their finances.